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Detail of lateral brace

JBE Structural Solutions:
Design Philosophy

The design philosophy at JBE Structural Solutions is simple and pervasive: It is to provide the best possible solutions to Clients for their needs and challenges.

At the surface, this would not appear to be a differentiator as compared to other firms. JBE’s focus and experience, however, provide the difference.

Communication for many engineers is a challenge. The ability to disentangle the engineering concepts and requirements to a level that others can understand cannot be overestimated.

C North Arial Clarian Pathology Laboratories

JBE's broad range of experiences provides a depth of knowledge that allows JBE to successfully undertake a diverse range of projects. These experiences have provided many opportunities for working with these clients and meeting their needs with unusual and difficult projects. For instance, there are certain Healthcare players (Developer driven medical office buildings for example) that require a budget driven design. Others will remodel their space many times and flexibility and durability are important. Finally, some Clients will have other system issues that can be accommodated only through the unique application of the structural systems. These unique structural systems may provide the only path to make the Project work.

Interior of St. Agnes Church, Nashville, IN (photo by Karl Pfeffer) Interior of St. Agnes Church

A thorough understanding of the options and facts allows appropriate decisions to develop within a discussion. It allows the Owner to make an informed decision.

The creativity that one brings to the table can be a game changing quality. It can open opportunities that may have been considered closed; it can expose paths that might otherwise never be considered. The timing of the creative thought is also very important. If a future challenge can be addressed early in the process, the options available to the various stakeholders are usually much greater. JBE’s experience in the healthcare, research and higher education arenas informs the process about the issues and the appropriate timing.

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